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Sodalite Bracelet with Ruby Zoisite Gemstones

Blue Sodalite Bracelet – Handmade with Small Ruby Zoisite Gemstones. Strong wire wrapping will not break or stretch. They are made to last.

  • 7in in length
  • Nonadjustable.
  • The bracelet is made to wear loose around the wrist.
  • Made in the USA


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Blue Sodalite Bracelet – Handmade with Small Ruby Zoisite Gemstones. Strong wire wrapping will not break or stretch. They are made to last.

  • 7in in length
  • Nonadjustable.
  • Wear this beautiful bracelet loosely around the wrist.
  • Made in the USA

Blue Sodalite Bracelet Crystal

If you are a worrier, have anxiety, are under stress, or dealing with mood swings, then Sodalite is your go-to crystal. It is a powerful calming stone as well as a dream catcher. It is a stone that every witch and crystal healer needs in their tool kit.

Do you have trouble sleeping? Sodalite will rock you into deeper levels of sleep. Sodalite is a stone of spiritual sleep states. It prevents nightmares, allowing messages from Source to come through in your dreams.

This is a beautiful gem to keep by your bedside or on an altar, where its vibrancy will add a layer of beauty and elegance. You’ll feel relaxed, peaceful, and rested wherever you place it. Sodalite’s benefits are endless, and with these juicy pieces, you’ll feel their effects in no time.

The deeper Magick of Sodalite

Sodalite is the Dreamcatcher Stone that assists in releasing fears of the unknown. It helps you get a good night’s rest, banishing nightmares and allowing only sweet dreams.

Sodalite also activates the Third Eye Chakra. It expands your vision, deepens your wisdom, and enhances your intuition. This gem’s frequency will keep you focused on the moment and rooted in the present. Sodalite helps you let go of fear preventing you from reaching your fullest potential.

It enables you to trust your inner guidance and accept and explore the unknown. This gorgeous blue gem soothes the body and mind and increases overall well-being. Wear a Blue Sodalite Bracelet to tune in to your inner guidance and restore your natural state of calm presence and awareness.

Ruby Zoisite Crystal

Ready to grow in love? Ruby zoisite is the perfect combination of fire and earth energies; each gemstone holds small Ruby crystals that are beautifully embedded in zoisite, making it a beautiful blend of passion and patience! Ruby zoisite also transmutes negative energy into positive energy and inspires presence and focus. Working with this stone will help you grow emotionally and spiritually!

The Magick of Ruby Zoisite

Ruby is the gem of passion, intensity, Eros, love, and enthusiasm. It stimulates the Heart Chakra and helps heal the emotional and physical issues of the heart, including heartache from past trauma and overcoming grief and loss.

Ruby helps attract love or reignites the flame already there, increasing your passion and soul connection. If you’ve been lacking motivation, this crystal supports your life force and helps you find your passion and recommit to your goals with excitement and confidence.

Zoisite anchors you to the Earth, keeping you centered and inspiring creativity, focus, and discipline. Since zoisite is rooted in the Earth element, its energy helps you reclaim your wonder of nature and the universe around you and leads you on self-discovery.

Heart Chakra

Zoisite is a potent activator of the Heart Chakra. It helps to open the mind to listen and pay attention to the heart’s messages. Zoisite radiates an energy of growth and richness in all aspects of life.

It provides energy for the soul’s rebirth, encouraging spiritual development, and an increased understanding of yourself and the world. Zoisite magnifies happiness, appreciation, abundance, vitality, and growth. It also helps dispel lethargy by boosting your internal strength and motivation.

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