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Good Luck Charm – Evil Eye Charm – Gold Plated

  • Good luck charm / Evil Eye Charm Necklace may bring not only luck but also create a barrier to keep out back mojo.
    • Set: 20″ Black Cord and Charm
    • Gold-Plated
    • Mounted Clear Stones



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Good Luck Charm – Evil Eye Charm Necklace – Gold Plated

Good luck charm / Evil eye charm necklace brings with it good luck but also protection and a powerful amulet to ward against that energy that does not below to you.

  • Set: 20″ Black Cord and Charm
  • Gold-Plated
  • Mounted Clear Stones

Where this beautiful charm for its fashion statement and beauty or read future to better understand the spiritual mean and protection from this charm.

What is a good luck charm?

A good luck charm is a symbol, herb, crystal, or other physical objects. A person wears the physical object on their body to bring the flow of good vibes and luck to them.

The kind of luck brought to the person is personal to the individual, but some of the most common are financial luck, love, job-related, or mechanical-related.

With this necklace and charm, there are two forms of energy you are bringing to yourself.

What is the evil eye charm amulet?

Aside from the luck this charm brings, it also brings other energies with it. Over 5000 years ago the evil eye was used as a talisman or amulet. It was designed in the shape of an eye, traditionally in the colors blue or green, that provided spiritual protection.

It is said that those who wear the eye repel energies that are bad for them. It can also ward off curses, and ill intent.

Some believe the eye is able to see what the future brings and if there are bad intentions in your future, it will work to dissolve these intentions and effectively change the outcome of future events.

Is this all true about the evil eye charm? The only way to find out is to buy one and start to wear it. There are hundreds of accounts of people wearing the eye and finding their luck changing overnight. While others find their luck changing gradually over time.

The good luck charm works on each individual differently, so to each individual, the outcome is different.

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