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Citrine Cluster Crystal – Attract Abundance, Wealth and Healing

Citrine Cluster Crystal Attract Abundance, Wealth, and Healing

  • 3.05 oz | 100 gram
  • 1 Yellow Quartz Citrine
  • An amazing gemstone for generating an abundance of all things into your life!


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Citrine Cluster Crystal Attract Abundance, Wealth, and Healing

  • 3.05 oz | 100 gram 
  • 1 Yellow Quartz Citrine

If you are worried about starting a new business, building up savings, getting a higher paying job, protecting your wealth, or anything that has to do with protecting or generating those things which bring financial abundance into your life, then the Citrine Cluster Crystal is for you!

Yet the benefits do not stop there! It increases your confidence, and well-being and removes a negative mindset. If you have trouble attracting abundance, then Citrine is one gemstone you need in your home, office, or on your body to bring wealth, good fortune, and sound results to business endeavors.

The Deeper Meaning of Citrine

Citrine is the stone of abundance and prosperity is brings warmth and good feelings. It boosts your dreams and goals and gives you the courage to take chances on those things that are right for your greater good.

It is the stone that supports “ The Law of Attraction,” Reiki, healing, energy healing, manifesting your dreams. It is the stone of the Chakra Solar plexus which aids in balancing your physical body and energies.


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