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Amethyst Necklace Pendant or Citrine

Citrine or Amethyst Necklace Pendant

  • Circle Pendant with genuine raw citrine or amethyst, your choice!
  • The necklace is sold separately. Not included.
  • Silver-colored metal



Amethyst Necklace Pendant or Citrine Charm

Amethyst Necklace Pendant – is not only beautiful with comes with an abundance of spiritual benefits and meanings.

  • Circle Pendant with genuine raw citrine or amethyst, your choice!
  • The necklace is sold separately and not included.
  • Silver-colored metal

Benefits of Amethyst

  • Amethyst is the stone of spirituality and contentment. It boosts the spiritual awareness of the person wearing it and promotes a higher state of consciousness.
  • It calms the mind and helps with a deeper meditative state.
  • It stimulates the third eye chakra and etheric chakras. It helps the cognitive perception and the development of psychic gifts and intuitiveness.
  • It is a high vibrating stone constantly working to remove energy that does not belong to a person. It can create a protective shield around a person or space and can help to remove attachments.

Benefits of Citrine

  • Citrine has a positive effect on the Solar Plexus Chakra.
  • It increases a person’s mental focus and clarity and attracts prosperity.
  • It is a gemstone that brings wonder, delight, and enthusiasm into a person’s life.
  • You will find your ability to feel empowered and a higher feeling of self-esteem and confidence in your life.
  • Citrine is also a stimulant and strengthens the intellectual and creative thinking faculties, encouraging motivation, inspiration, and self-expression.


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Weight3 oz

Citrine, Amethyst


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