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Semi Precious Gemstones

Browse our Semi Precious gemstones to find peace, love, abundance, protection, wealth, relation help, sexual exploration, career support, and more!

All our gemstones are authentic and mined with the utmost focus on ethical mining and transportation.

How do Gemstones Work?

For those that are new to Semi Precious Gemstones, and trying to understand how a stone can help someone heal emotionally or do all the other things a gemstone can do, let us explain more.

Science has proven that gemstones can collect energy, hold energy and release energy. Don’t believe this, then all you need to do is look to a wristwatch to prove this scientific claim.

All high-valued made wristwatches like a Rolex, or those made by the Swiss, Japanese, and others use a crystal quartz gemstone to keep their precision.

The crystal gemstone inside the watch collects energy, holds it, and releases it in a precise pulse. That pulse equates to a second.

When the stone releases energy it does it in one-second bursts day and night, year after year without fail.

That is Mother Nature’s geometric design at work and not the design of the watch. Without the quartz, it is hard to naturally keep time.

Now if we take this same scientific claim and adopt it to spirit, we essentially use the energy around us to work with crystals.

Let’s say there is negative energy around a person. Energy is energy. It does not matter if it is created through anger, love, or the electrical plant down the street. It is energy nonetheless.

If we want to alter that energy or change it into something positive instead of destructive, crystals are used for that exact purpose, and they work very well.

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