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Crystals and Their Meanings

Do Black Obsidian Bracelets Work?

Do Black Obsidian Bracelets Work? From my experience, they do work, but not like most people expect. As you travel around the internet you may also read about the Feng Shui Bracelet which is similar to the black Obsidian bracelets benefits.

But before I get into all of the benefits, let me explain the background of the gemstone and its properties. Then we can talk about how to wear it and what it can do for you.

Black Obsidian Gemstone

This gemstone is entirely black. There is no light emitted from it, giving it a very dark and often mysterious look. Stones with this kind of depth are considered collectors. They collect light and energy and hold it. Think of it as a small battery that stores energy.

This part of the stone I explained is all science. There is no spirituality in what I just described. The stone collects light, does not emit light, and gathers energy in its rare form.

You can quickly test this out by leaving a black obsidian stone or piece of jewelry out in the sunlight for a few minutes. It will immediately start to get warm, and if you leave it too long, it can get extremely hot. It will also not reflect light back out to you.

This happens because the stone holds on to all that energy from the sun.

This store is easy to find. Many independent jewelry companies which specialize in handmade designs and crystals will sell them.

The Spiritual Side of Black Obsidian Stone

Now let’s take this a step further, take the scientific properties, and blend in the spiritual benefits. People love to wear Black Obsidian Jewelry because it can absorb negative physical energy around them, such as electrical fields and low radiation. It can also absorb people’s bad energy that may come around you.

Have you ever been in a work environment or maybe at a party, and you come in contact with someone that does not makes you feel uneasy? Or perhaps you just have a terrible feeling after being in the presence of someone you did not feel comfortable around? Those feelings can last for the rest of the day and often for a few more days.

What you feel is another person’s negative or bad energy sticking to you. We as human beings are receptors and some more than others. We take in the environment around us, and if we are not trained to release that energy, we hold on to it until, little by little, it disperses. Then all of a sudden, we start to feel good again.

Those called empaths particularly have this kind of problem but amplified one hundred times. They have this so bad that, at times, it can lead to debilitating anxiety, depression, and extreme social anxiety. I speak from experience because I was one of those who experienced all this.

How can the Obsidian Gemstone Help?

Obsidian is excellent at capturing all energy that is not in your for your higher good. It captures and stores it before the energy can interact with your spirit.

Then what Obsidian can do is transform the energy to become beneficial and healing to you. Like any new relationship or learning something new, it takes time to get acquainted.

A lot of people expect a gemstone to immediately help them feel better. They want the benefits to happen overnight. That is not how gemstones work.

A gemstone can take 3 to 4 weeks to get acquainted with your energy. It needs to understand you before it can help you. Once your energy aligns with your obsidian gemstone, then you can start to experience its benefits.

The changes will start slow and subtle. For no reason, you may have a perfect day. Or you may get a lot of compliments for no reason at all. You may meet someone who gives you a feeling of safety and so much more.

The difference between wearing your Obsidian and not wearing your Obsidian is those good feelings only grow and become more dominant in your life.

This happens because the Obsidian is working overtime to block that bad energy that used to make you feel bad.

Healing with Obsidian

Another great benefit of Obsidian is its ability to heal you spiritually and emotionally. Obsidian closes those gaps of self-inflicted trauma of not being good enough or low self-confidence. It also helps to heal other emotional trauma wounds.

Obsidian is not recommended as a treatment for those with clinical depression or other medically treated emotional traumas. Yet, it does help on your road to recovery.

Black Obsidian bracelets benefits just don’t stop there. Obsidian can also help you bring success into your life and other abundance types of energy.

Do Black Obsidian Bracelets Work?

I became a certified crystal and gemstone healer many years ago to help myself. In the years after, I helped others with my knowledge. I am used to getting questions like, “Do Black Obsidian Bracelets Work? or how does Black Obsidian help?”

I 100% believe in Obsidian and its ability to do everything I stated in this article.

I have a strong belief in Obsidian and its benefits. I carry a piece with me no matter where I go. Personally, it has helped me with anxiety, attracted the right people into my life, and accelerated my business success and growth.

No two people will experience the same benefits from Obsidian or any other stone. A stone works for your personal greater good. My purpose in life, path, and ability to feel my feet on solid ground will be much different from the next person. It does work. Just give it the time needed to start feeling and seeing those positive changes in your life.

How to wear Obsidian?

  • Wear it on the left side of your body.
  • Bracelets are great, necklaces, charms, or just a tumbled gemstone you carry in your pocket, purse, or other.
  • You will get the most Black Obsidian Bracelets Benefits if you always have the stone on your body, wrist, or by your side.

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