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Hello Beautiful Soul, We are Harmony One Love. A local small shop for everything healing and everything jewelry. We have a vision of creating a space and community where like minds can come together to share ideas, heal, create, and expand. At Harmony we are not like another big business, we are personalized and here for you. My name is Hala! I am the owner here and you will likely meet me during your in-store visit. I have been practicing sound therapy for the last 5 years and have been in the jewelry business for over 22 years of my life. I love to share knowledge and love to bring people joy! I will always try my hardest to take care of whatever it is you need!!! I look forward to connecting with you soon!! We offer Jewelry repairs of all kind, and we custom make jewelry pieces everything from wire wrapping to diamond name plates, custom made jewelry pieces or Wedding rings. We specialize in all kinds of gemstones and high quality diamonds. We also offer a variety of healing sessions including sound therapy, energy cleansing, chakra awareness.... & Even more to come.... Namaste

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Our San Diego Location

Located in the heart of San Diego, California, in the serene neighborhood of Point Loma (right next to Denny's) our dedicated team at Harmony Crystals & Jewelry is committed to bringing you the finest in crystal and jewelry craftsmanship. Our journey begins with ethically sourcing each crystal, ensuring that every piece not only resonates with pure energy but also honors the environment and communities from which they come.

In our store, we believe that quality and integrity go hand in hand. This belief is woven into the fabric of our creations, from our hand-selected tumbled crystals to our intricately designed jewelry. We use only the finest materials, whether it be shimmering silver, glowing gold, dazzling diamonds, or vibrant gemstones, to craft pieces that are not just accessories, but extensions of your unique spiritual journey.

At Harmony Crystals & Jewelry, we're more than a store; we're a community of like-minded individuals passionate about sharing knowledge, fostering spiritual connections, and serving our community with love and light. Join us in our quest to spread positivity, mindfulness, and holistic wellness through our carefully curated products.

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